Super Bowl Snack Stadiums Is This Year's Super Trend

There’s a Super Bowl just around the corner–and 2014 is the year of the Super Bowl snack stadium. Sart planning your party now, because Chex Mix isn’t going to do the job this year. People are looking for something epic in their snacking. We’d blame it on Pinterest, but we keep thinking that’s for girls. And this kind of thing is nothing if not manly…
The blog A Lil’ Curious (via Neatorama) came up with a solid recipe for building a miniature football stadium that can showcase your snack treats and give your guests something awesome to talk about because these days, the Super Bowl has become about everything EXCEPT the actual game. All you need are the right containers and crafts to construct your own snack-themed stadium centerpiece. It’s actually not as complicated as it might sound. All you need are some boxes, cardboard, a couple of aluminum foil trays and a rudimentary knowledge of how glue works and you’re in business.
Sure it looks like a lot of work but just imagine the years of seething jealousy and envy you’ll get to hold over your friends’ heads for the rest of the year as they are still talking about the snack stadium you put together with nothing but cardboard, sweat and tears for your Super Bowl party. It’ll be like having the ultimate story trump card for a full year no matter what you’re friends do after that. They could marry a supermodel on the Moon and hire a reincarnated Elvis to perform the ceremony and you’ll still be able to out impress them with your “Superdome of “snack-dom.”

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