Ross Sisters Make Internet Go GIF Crazy: See The Whole Routine [VIDEO]

The internet has gone GIF-crazy for short snippets of an amazing old act called The Ross Sisters–but let’s not be typical modern kids with limited attention spans. These amazing gals from the 1940s deserve more than mere seconds of our attention. Aggie Ross, Elmira Ross, and Maggie Ross (born unto this world as Betsy Ann Ross, Dixie Jewel Ross and Veda Victoria Ross) put way too much work into their contortionist act to just be dismissed on a Tumblr page. These were genuine artists with amazing dance routines–and the whole things were caught on video.
That’s mostly courtesy of a 1944 film called Broadway Rhythm, which gave the native Texans a calling card that put them on the way to Europe. They starred in a London stage production called Piccadilly Hayride for two years, and wrapped that up in 1948. The sisters had to calm down their contortions after that, but the footage from Broadway Rhythm lives on–especially recently, and good for them.
Sadly, two of the Ross Sisters aren’t around to enjoy the weird sensation of internet fame. Vickie and Elmira passed away within weeks of each other back in 1963, at the respective ages of 35 and 33. We think that Aggie might still be around, though. There’s never been an official obituary on her, and she’d only be turning 88 years old this year.
Yes, that might seem old for some folks, but Aggie seems pretty resilient to us. We’re certainly hoping that Aggie shows up in good health to discuss her strange career and internet revival. Until then, we’re just going to enjoy knowing the main reasons that plenty of guys have decided that sisters from 1948 are genuine dream dates….

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