Seven members of the Zeta Alpha Phi fraternity at the State University of New York-Canton may have thought they were hot stuff–but now they’re in hot water for reportedly forcing pledges to douse and massage their own crotches with hot sauce. (Not necessarily with hot sauce from the fine Atomic Joe’s line of products; we just chose the pic above because that’s our favorite brand not to put on our genitals.)

Anyway, sorry for all the “hot” wordplay. The puns seemed like a better idea than going with the frat’s other infraction of note: making one prospective member scoop human feces from a toilet and informing him that “a true brother… would eat it.” (The pledge says he passed on eating it.)

Other alleged initiation rites included having house candidates spit raw eggs back and forth in each other’s mouths, undergo traditional “Thank you, sir, may I have another” paddlings, and, in a scenario that gets uncomfortably close to kinky, endure brandings from red-hot wire hanger wielded by one frat member’s father.

The pledges also said they were forced to ingest a mixture of chewing tobacco, hot sauce, and raw onions, but that seems close enough to an appetizer at some cutting-edge Williamsburg bistro to not warrant the same level of alarm.

Zeta Alpha Phi was never officially sanctioned on the SUNY Canton campus, but the frat faced a previous hazing suspension in 2006. Now its charter has been entirely and permanently revoked.

SUNY Canton acting President Joseph C. Hoffman stated: “I am disgusted and appalled by the alleged actions of some of the members of Zeta Alpha Phi. Their actions certainly do not reflect the overall conduct of our students, or the rest of the college’s Greek community.” The ban is probably necessary, but it still seems a shame to waste all those ZAP t-shirts.

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