"Devil's Due" Animatronic Baby Scares Hell Out of New Yorkers [VIDEO]

A clever promotion for the horror movie Devil’s Due, a shaky camera feature about a woman giving birth to the Antichrist, is scaring up a lot of attention. We mean it’s actually scaring people in a non-metaphorical way.
A team of animatronic builders and just plain cruel bastards built a motorized baby carriage with a rubber “devil baby” and set it loose on the streets of New York City. They left it on the sidewalk and waited for some caring people to walk up to it who were obviously concerned that some deadbeat mom or dad had left the thing all by itself out in the cold. Just as they are about to pull back its tiny, little blanket to check on the screaming infant, the rubber doll jolts out from underneath the covers screaming the kind of hellish, nightmarish yawp that you would normally hear when a sheep is being castrated with a hand blender.
This isn’t the first time a horror movie has resorted to viral street pranks to advertise the film. Both of The Last Exorcism movies pulled similar stunts when they hit the theaters. The first film featured a pre-recorded video of a hot chick pwning ChatRoulette users who thought they were going to see her take her top off–but instead watched her turn into a demon complete with painful eye-rolling and spinal cord cracking. The second film turned an ordinary beauty shop into a house of Hell complete with two-way demon mirrors, crab-walking little girls and, of course, screaming older women. Considering how bad some of these movies turned out to be, they should’ve just turned one of these pranks into a movie instead.

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