Classroom cheating technology has escalated from crib notes and cough codes to text messages and computer hacking. Educators have had to scramble to keep a step ahead of exam scanners–and now the authorities’ mission to keep everyone’s eyes on their own paper has taking to the air. This is after decades—maybe even centuries—of teacher’s relying on old-fashioned weaponry like sideways glances, dark sunglasses, and the occasional mirror in the back of a classroom.
The Thomas More learning academy in Belgium has released a video of its newest, most cutting edge anti-cheating apparatus in action. It’s a DJI Phantom aircraft drone equipped with an omnidirectional GoPro camera that patrols campus testing centers by hovering over students’ heads, shooting video all the while. The idea is to keep everyone honest and/or capture footage of those who will honestly do anything dishonest just to pass.
With its flashing lights, hummingbird-speed propellers, and eerie grace while flying, the anti-cheating drone definitely exudes an air of (debatably) menacing science fiction. Big Teacher is watching! On the other hand, the high tech device also doesn’t look like much of a match for a decidedly low-tech counterstrike.
So if your exam monitor launches a DJI Phantom or any other university-level espionage device, feel free (and justified) to respond with grade-school combat strategies and hardware. It looks as though it would take just one well-aimed rubber band (or even a whole bunch of haphazardly-aimed ones) to send that Belgian snoop-copter spiraling down in tiny, adorable flames.
Spitballs would then add some poetic insult to any such righteous mechanical injury. And if somebody slips a correct response to a clueless pal somewhere in the back of the room—well, then, no one’s the wiser. Or at least they won’t have any proof they can show your parents of being the wiser.

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