Jennifer Lopez Fan Claims Most Alleged Sexual Harassment Of All Time

Jennifer lopez

Stalkers are nothing new to the Hollywood elite, but Jennifer Lopez’s creepy crush has thrown an interesting twist into the concept. He claims that Lopez was the one acting all stalker-ish to him in a new lawsuit. In fact, Rodrigo Ruiz filed a $10,000 lawsuit against the actress and singer because he believed that she was the true creep in their bizarre relationship.
According to TMZ, Ruiz was pursuing a music career and sent some demo CDs to Lopez to help get his foot in the door. He claims that Lopez responded to the demos and offered to help him but only if he would send naked pictures of himself along with some more songs.
The lawsuit also included three letters allegedly (and we’re talking the biggest allegedly of all time) written by Lopez that details how interested she was in the man, not his music, even though the letters came from a “PO Box owned by a 53-year-old woman.” Nevertheless, he followed up by filing a sexual harassment claim against Lopez with the police department just to complete the circle of crazy.
It’s amazing the lengths that some stalkers will go to prove their devotion to someone. It must take a really diseased mind for someone to delude themselves enough in order to make them actually believe that the person they are shadowing is really just playing the world’s most extreme game of “Hard to Get”–whether it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s super creepy stalker or Halle Berry’s stalker who actually believed he was her fiancee. Fortunately, we’re not like those poor suckers, and we get o enjoy this kind of GIF gallery knowing that Jennifer’s thinking of us…

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