10 Seasonal Beers We're Looking Forward To Drinking In Early 2014

Want to know what will make 2014 better? Beer. And we think that we’ve got the best ones to start your year off right here.
Truth be told, this “10 Seasonal Beers We’re Looking Forward To Drinking In Early 2014” was one of the hardest lists I’ve had to create. Yes, I’ve found 10 fantastic beers that will make the start of 2014 more enjoyable, but I’ve had to leave off a few that I’m eyeing. But the good news is that means these 10 beers are what you should consider the best of the best this season.
Just because we’re looking at new seasonal beers doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten our favorite beers from 2013. But we’re always looking for the next big thing–and we think that we’ve found them. Cheers.

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