25 Things That Taco Bell Wants You To Know About Taco Bell [VIDEO]

Taco Bell has finally made a video that answers all of the questions that you’ve ever had about the incredibly respected restaurant chain. And if you say that you didn’t know that you had a lot of questions about Taco Bell–well, then you haven’t been giving things enough thought. But a lot of people have pondered the history of Taco Bell, along with important issues like, “What happens to menu items when they disappear?”
As always, Taco Bell is here to help. The chain has¬†posted a video on their official YouTube page detailing some of the facts and figures about the fast food chain from some familiar faces such as musician Andrew WK, SourceFed host Steve Zaragoza, author and vlogger Kaleb Nation and model Chrissy Teigen who spends her entire time in the video showing off her amazing legs. Zaragoza also shows off the legs that God gave him by removing his pants towards the end of the video. We’re sure that Taco Bell is hoping that you’ve built up your appetite enough by then so that the sight of his billowy, hairy stems won’t entirely kill it.
It’s actually quite informative and lays down some interesting facts about the global fast food chain. For example Taco Bell sold 700 million Doritos Locos Tacos last year. Furthermore, Guatemala holds the record for the world’s largest Taco Bell franchise (6,415 square feet). Taco Bell also makes¬†hot sauce packets that read “Will you marry me?” for husbands who want to pop the question to their bride to be at their favorite restaurant–but that last one would be infinitely cooler if they also offering a ring box made out of a cinnamon twist.

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