Last year’s big-screen found-footage horror spoof A Haunted House grossed $60 million worldwide on a budget of $2.5 million. Clearly, that financial return indicates we’re living on a planet of ticket buyers not put off by awkwardly on-the-nose movie titles. Even more clearly, those numbers made A Haunted House 2 inevitable. And well, now, here we are with a trailer for the cleverly-titled  A Haunted House 2.
Marlon Wayans returns as both star and screenwriter (he co-wrote the script with frequent collaborator Rick Alvarez), but whereas the first A Haunted House comically deconstructed the Paranormal Activity franchise, A Haunted House 2 aims its ghosts-a-poppin’ gag cannon largely at last summer’s supernatural fright smash, The Conjuring. Watch for that movie’s creeptastic Annabelle doll and a clapping-hands parody that ends with accidental slapstick domestic violence.
And be prepated Gabriel Iglesias as Marlon’s neighbor. He’s joined by the underseen Jaime Pressley as a blonde suburban MILF (hey, see more of her here), Cedric the Entertainer performing an exorcism, and a full-contact cheek-to-beak throw-down between Marlon and a live chicken. See, the chicken won’t be sacrificed to the voodoo gods quietly. There’s also a cute little dog flattened by a falling safe, and Wayans doesn’t shy away from milking the moment for extra uncomfortable laughs.
That’s actually kind of admirable. In an age when everyone, everywhere seems in a constant race to see who can get offended first, A Haunted House 2 provides a solid service in at least trying to give them all something to be offended about.

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