January 15, 2014: 55 Sexy Pics As Kelly Kelly Turns 27 [PHOTOS]

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly–born unto this world as Barbara Jean “Barbie” Blank–turns 27 years old today as a gal on the comeback trail. Of course, Kelly Kelly seems a little too young to be making a comeback, but she’s had a busy career as one of the WWE’s most sexy stars. She was also one of the most unlikely divas, since Kelly actually got into wrestling while pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. She clearly had the presence to become a star, but the Hawaiian Tropic model was discovered by the WWE and made a star.(Joining the ranks of wrestling women who’ve wow’d us like Christy HemmeKaren Jarrett , Kaitlyn, The Bella Twins, and Rosa Mendes.)
That was despite Kelly not having any kind of background in wrestling. She was a physically fit model, of course, but Kelly’s background was mostly in gymnastics. The flashy femme from Florida spent a short time on the Ohio Valley Wrestling circuit in 2006, and then made a very big debut via Extreme Championship Wrestling that same year. Kelly didn’t fool around with her imposing sexuality. Her character was a wild exhibitionist who just couldn’t seem to keep her clothes from flying off her built bod.
Kelly spent the rest of that year as CM Punk’s love interest, and then started 2007 as a single gal. She also started up the dance troupe Extreme Exposé–because, you know, wrestling just didn’t provide Kelly with enough opportunities to show off for the audience. She moved on to the WWE’s Raw brand in 2008. It’s no surprise that Kelly remained a big fan favorite. She even worked as a tag team with Maria Menounos for a legendary pairing of pairs. And then Kelly retired from the WWE at the end of 2012, claiming that she needed to recover from some injuries.
Since then, Kelly Kelly has made a very brief appearance on the indie circuit. It was a lonely 2013 without Kelly in the ring, and lots of fans are hoping that Kelly rang in 2014 with plans to return. (We’re keeping abreast by follow Kelly–who’s back to being Barbie–on Twitter.) Until then, we can only wish Kelly Kelly a happy happy birthday while consoling ourselves with 55 hot hot pics…

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