Welshman Eats Dead Chick's Head, Chugs Vodka For Drinking Game [VIDEO]

You knew that this video of an Welsh lad entering “the neck and nominate” social media-fueled binge drinking competition was going to get nuts when he held up a dead chicken to the camera and said, “I can tell you now, [his death]’s not as f*cking tragic as what I’m about to do to him.” Even if he didn’t bite the chicken’s head off, he would have my vote for quote of the year.
And while he might have filmed this entire episode in vertical video, we can’t complain too much because at least he managed to make that section of his monologue somewhat understandable for American ears.
But let’s backtrack for a second. “The Neck and Nominate Challenge”┬áis a game on social media where people are nominated to drink in a crazy fashion, then have 24 hours to upload a video of them doing it. It’s taken a slightly twisted turn recently as #NeckandNominate turned into #NekNominate once Australians got word of it.
I’m sure you can guess which one this guy is a part of.

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