"WALK OF SHAME" Trailer Stars Elizabeth Banks' Dress [VIDEO]

[protected-iframe id=”22f8513646810e23c001cff3795cf8c3-3508545-34451079″ info=”http://movies.yahoo.com/video/39-walk-shame-39-trailer-233005817.html?format=embed&player_autoplay=false” width=”624″ height=”351″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
The new Walk of Shame trailer features Elizabeth Banks in a star turn as a hot blonde television newswoman who has a one-night stand and finds herself stranded after her car’s been towed away–and, of course, just when she has to make it to the studio for a huge career opportunity. So that’s the idea. Elizabeth Banks has allowed herself to be picked up by a nice guy (played by James Marsden), and now has to get a ride home while wearing high heels and a really tight dress that shows off her buxom bod.
This should really be a short film, right? If it was set in New York City, she’d knock on any cardboard box that belongs to a COED editor and politely ask for all of our spare change so she could get a ride home. One batting of her eyelashes later, and the credits start rolling.
Well, we’re not here to judge a potentially great lowbrow comedy. Especially when it promises Elizabeth Banks running in slow motion on the big screen. Put this on the IMAX screen in 3D, and Walk of Shame could be making more money than Gravity. Between this and Kate Upton’s upcoming turn in The Other Woman, we’re thinking about ditching our cardboard boxes and moving into a movie theater.

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