Factory-Made Assembly Line GIFs: 23 Looks At Making Things

How do things get made? We’re often pondering that here at the COED offices, because there has to be a better way to churn out great articles about hot babes and sports and entertainment. Automation sounds like a great idea–mostly because you wouldn’t believe how annoying some of the people in the COED office can be sometimes. Life would be a lot better if it was just one person (who we all know is this writer right here) and a bunch of other machines just writing the same kind of brilliant articles that can only really be done by one person in the COED offices, anyway. (Again, that’s this writer. Yeah. No reason to be modest.)
Anyway, it turns out that machines can make all kinds of things. Check out these fascinating GIFs for an inside look at the factory life. Some of them seem to just be making assorted widgets and whirligigs. Some other GIFs reveal the fascinating ways that the food you eat can first be slammed down onto a cold piece of metal that we hope that somebody has washed recently.
Also, things seem to get really hot in a lot of factories. That looks kind of scary. Maybe the COED offices would be better off with a software program that automatically composed words in the style of the best writer on the COED staff. (You know who that is, right? Everybody knows.) But it wouldn’t be as much fun to watch–as you’ll agree after watching these very cool images from various hot factories…

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