Gemma Chan: "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" Has A Shadow Star [PHOTOS]

Gemma Chan is in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit–which automatically makes it an important spy thriller. Yes, the actual plot might not be that exciting. (Here’s our review.) It’s also the rare movie where you’ll wish that Keira Knightley had less screen time. But then you might be like us and choke on your popcorn when you realize that you’re looking at Gemma Chan on the big screen, and she’s, like, your favorite latex lesbian dominatrix ever.
“But,” you might say, ” I do not know of Gemma Chan as a latex lesbian dominatrix.” Well, first of all, we’re sorry to say that Gemma isn’t playing a latex lesbian dominatrix in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. We’re actually thinking of Gemma during her days as a latex-clad domme on the cable series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, plus an episode of the UK anthology show Dates where Gemma played a gal introducing Katie McGrath to the joys of Sapphic sensuality.
That was some great television–as was Gemma’s sexy turn on Sherlock, and her work as a female Sulu in a memorable scene from The IT Crowd.
“But,” you say, “the new Jack Ryan movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh, and surely he only gives big breaks to established stage performers like Tom Hiddleston?” And you are correct, because Gemma Chan (who you can follow on Twitter) is also one of the most respected young women working on the London stage. So good for her in making it to the American multiplexes–and we’re also looking forward to her role in the upcoming Johnny Depp/Amber Heard thriller London Fields. Now go looking at some sexy pics, plenty of video stills, and then scroll on down to see Gemma looking stunning as a Star Trek character…


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