And in following up on important crime cases… John M. Grant, 42, of Tinley Park, Illinois loves the Chicago Bears, and Tasered his wife because she loves the Green Bay Packers. That’s how Grant made the news a while ago. Now the happy husband has been fined $250 after pleading no contest to disorderly conduct charges. Such is the price of football franchise rivalry (and spousal Tasering).
You don’t have to tailgate in the Midwest to know that the Bears and the Packers are archenemies, and so are their fans. But the Grants share a special bond with their teams that extends all the way up to laying extremely painful, potentially deadly wagers with one another.
Last November 4, Mr. and Mrs. Grant took in a game between the Bears and the Packers at a Mayville, Wisconsin sports bar. There, the couple proposed a bet: the fan of the winning team would get to Taser the loser. The Bears won. Mrs. Grant got Tasered. The lovebirds did not then just go home quietly like good sports.
Mrs. Grant called the police and claimed—very loudly, no doubt—that she had not given permission to her husband (or anyone else) to Taser her. After watching cellphone video of the incident, though, the responding officer wrote that that Mrs. Grant was “laughing and it seemed apparent that [she] had consented.”
Mayville Police Chief Christopher Macneil noted, “You always expect there to be disturbances when rival teams are playing. But with something like this… I think a lot of people were in disbelief this actually took place.” Easier to believe is Mrs. Grant’s definitive statement in her original complaint: “Hell, yeah, it hurt!” And now it’s hurting them both exactly $250 more.

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