What's On Tap This Weekend: Flying Fish Brewing Company's Red Fish

By The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

Though we are in the midst of winter, short days, and crappy weather, you should still have a smile on your face because it’s IPA season! If you read this week’s Top 10 Beers We’re Looking Forward to in 2014 you know that January and February are dominated by sweet delicious hoppy bitterness. This weekend’s brew is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, a cross between a West Coast IPA and an American Amber that I find I am drinking more and more. This weekend Flying Fish Brewing Company’s Red Fish is What’s on Tap!

Brewed in Jersey, outside of Philadelphia, Flying Fish has created a rather unique west coast IPA in that it is a red west coast IPA. On each sip you get the malt flavor but almost immediately the hops kick-in which is followed by a grapefruit-like taste. The more I drink this beer, the more I am tasting the citrus flavor. Like many good IPAs, Red Fish’s bitterness leaves a lasting impression. I must admit there is something about the beer that is really growing on me. After the bitterness, the beer leaves full, balanced, sweet lingers.

When pairing food and beer the general rule of thumb is the bolder the beer, the bolder the food. Because of Red Fish’s hoppy and bitter flavor I am pairing it with some delicious spicy Thai food. Tonight I’m having Kang Ped Nuer AKA Spicy Beef. The spiciness of the dish balances well with the drink. So enjoy the second to last football weekend of the winter while drinking some Red Fish!


Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 7.0%
Gravity: 17.2 Plato
Color (SRM): Ruby Amber
Malts: Two-row pale, cara-red, blackprinz, and medium crystal
Hops: Cascades, Columbus, and Chinook (dry hopped with cascades and chinook)
Yeast: Chico

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