These Ukrainian Daredevils Put All Other Daredevils To Shame [VIDEO]

Want to watch a bunch of guys risk their own lives just to make YouTube videos? Of course you do.
Mustang Wanted is a group of Ukranian daredevils who make their own videos of themselves hanging from cranes, ledges, trains…basically anything that could lead to their sudden death. The video above is a compilation of some of their stunts, but if you want to see more, you can go to their website.
Mustang Wanted does not post videos for the faint of heart. Their site warns that you should be at least 88 years old “because here you can find materials that will lead to the aesthetic dissatisfaction or even injure your psyche.” Why would the elderly be more capable of handling such intense footage? Maybe really old Ukranian men are even more badass than these guys.

via Daily Flicks And Pics

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