Happy Birthday To Natassia Malthe [PHOTOS]

Happy birthday to Norwegian model and actress Natassia Malthe!
Malthe was born in Olso, Norway where she started her performance career dancing at the Goh Ballet Academy and Norwegian Opera House while finishing high school. If you think balancing football and high school studies was difficult, we’re guessing that balancing ballet and school was even harder. Have you seen Black Swan? That stuff gets pretty intense.
After finishing high school, Malthe studied musical theater in London before moving to Canada after landing her first television role. Malthe has appeared in many films and television shows over the years, but she is perhaps most famous for playing an elf bounty hunter and sorceress in the Sci Fi Channel miniseries Knights of Bloodsteal. A bounty hunter, sorceress and ballet dancer? Is there anything Malthe can’t do?

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