Salli Richardson-Whitfield on "House of Lies" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Salli Richardson-Whitfield on House of Lies

(10 PM EST, Showtime)

Salli Richardson-Whitfield was a regular on the fine Syfy series Eureka, but your  See Her Tonight column is more interested in fine guest stars–and we’re certainly interested in Salli Richardson-Whitfield guesting on House of Lies. The popular Showtime series is technically about political intrigue, but the show is really a lot more dedicated to hot sex scenes. It’s given us some incredible lesbian action between Megalyn Echikunwoke and Anna Camp (video at that first link), and let’s not forget series regular Kristen Bell getting hot and heavy with a stripper.

So we’re hoping that Salli Richardson-Whitfield is part of Kristen Bell’s power play tonight–and even if she isn’t, it’s always great to have Salli in our living room. A lot of people think that she should have become a star in the 1994 neo-blaxoploitation movie A Low Down Dirty Shame. Salli easily stole that film as a femme fatale worthy of Sin City.

Sadly, the lady then billed as merely Salli Richardson went unfairly unnoticed. Salli worked steadily, of course. We even got to see her on the big screen in Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid–although that 2004 production still bombed as another movie unworthy of Salli. At least people got to see Salli in the Will Smith sci-fi film I Am Legend. Fans of indie comedies also got a kick out of her in the blaxploitation parody Black Dynamite.

Check out these pics, and you’ll see that the talented actress could’ve just been staying as busy working as a lingerie model. Eureka sure did a good job keeping Salli in skimpy clothing. We have plenty of stills from the show here, as well as some hot pics of Salli in other amazing poses. And we also have a shot of how sexy she looked in the animated cartoon Gargoyles. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with finding cartoons sexy. We just don’t know how we can stay friends if you’re going to be that judgmental…


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