SNL Shows Us What Hip Hop Stars DId Before They Were Stars [VIDEO]

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Most of you know that last night’s SNL host Drake used to star in the Canadian teenage drama Degrassi. But did you know that he wasn’t the only hip hop star to begin his career on a kids’ television show?
The best sketch on last night’s SNL showed where people like Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Eminem and Rick Ross all got their start. Lil Wayne, played by Drake, had a brief stint as Steve Urkel on Family Matters. It’s surprising how little Carl, a police officer, seemed to care when Steve fired a gun in his house. They just don’t make kids shows like they used to.
The best two segments in this sketch were B’lossom, a Barbados reboot of Blossom starring Rihanna, and Teletubbies starring Rick Ross. New cast member Sasheer Zamata was hilarious as Rihanna in B’lossom‘s intro, and Rick Ross as a teletubby is simply the role that he was born to play. What’s not to like about a former corrections officer running around in a silly red suit.

via NBC

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