Alana Blanchard: Surfer Girl Queen of Facebook [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

There’s a new Surfer Girl┬ávideo featuring former Women’s Pipeline Champion (and bikini model) Alana Blanchard–who ranks up there with Anastasia Ashely as our favorite surfer girls. (Not that we have anything against Stephanie Gilmore or Erica Hosseini.) This new video from the fine folks at Network A continues to take a hard look at Alana’s busy life. You see her staying busy with her training and doing a night shoot for a commercial. Yeah, that’s a big part of her life, too.
So is her Facebook following, and this video doesn’t shy away from talking about how Alana has built up a serious following of guys who…well, who might not share our own true appreciation of surfing. Some of these guys might just want to stare at Alana Blanchard’s sexy pictures and not even dwell on the dedication that she shows to her sport. Hey, that’s how you end up a Sports Illustrated model.
Personally, we hadn’t even noticed that Alana was posting pictures of herself in a bikini. We were mainly checking out the boards, and admiring the assorted commercial endorsements that Alana has put together over the years. Anyway, it turns out that there really are lots of sexy pics of Alana, and we’re going to share some here in the name of good investigative journalism. We know that you’ll be properly appreciative of the fine form that’s always shown by Alana Blanchard’s fine form…

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