Michael Johnson, a 22-year-old student at Lindenwood University in Missouri, knew he had HIV and didn’t divulge his status while engaging in unprotected sex with dozens of partners in and around his campus dorm room. That’s heinous–and then the brawny collegiate wrestler secretly videotaped at least 32 of these potentially tragic high-risk fluid transmissions. That’s high-tech heinous.
If this weren’t an unspeakably evil crime, we might be impressed with the sheer numbers of Johnson’s operation—although topping thirty bunkmates in one semester is likely how you end up with a fatal STD in the first place.
Police first charged Johnson with knowingly exposing others to HIV in October 2013. A look through his computer turned up the horrifying homemade sex tapes, which involved both male and female visitors to his dorm digs.
“On that laptop were thirty-two videos [of people] engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson,” said Tim Lohmar, a St. Charles County prosecutor. “It’s safe to safe that numerous of those videos were taken inside his dorm room; we know that because we recognize the furniture.”
It really adds insult to the victims’ monstrous injury when dorm furniture plays a key role in the investigation, doesn’t it?
Authorities have been encouraging Johnson’s sex partners to come forward. One man said he hooked up with Johnson via social media and, unfortunately, he did contract the HIV virus in the process. Others are talking to the cops. If convicted, Michael Johnson will spend the rest of his natural life in jail. No doubt many will be disappointed if that’s not where he also meets a quite unnatural death.

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