"Fight Club" Footage Edits Out Tyler Durden [VIDEO]

[vimeo 84546365 w=600 h=337]
The mindf*#$ that is the movie Fight Club has gotten even more so with the recent edit of one of the film’s key scenes–courtesy of a guy¬†digitally editing out Tyler Durden from the scene where he and Edward Norton have their first fight.
So why remove one of the movie’s most iconic stars? First of all, if you haven’t seen the movie or know the story, you might want to stop reading now or become forever trapped in SPOILERville. The rest of us know that Durden–who ends up heading the anarchists of¬†Project Mayhem–is really just an imaginary character dreamed up by Norton’s unnamed protagonist to help him through his midlife crisis and find a life outside of his boring job and IKEA designed apartment. So even though the audience is seeing Pitt interact with Norton and other various characters throughout the movie, it’s really Norton’s character living vicariously through the fictional Tyler Durden.
Since the clip hit the web, the Redditors have been asking Trammell to do a version of the entire Fight Club movie minus Pitt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll get to see that from him anytime soon. He wrote on the message board that he doesn’t have “the time or attention span it would take to do the whole thing.”
There’s also a rights issue and frankly, it wouldn’t make for an entertaining movie. Sure we’d get to see this little world that the movie created through an objective set of eyes but having blank silence and empty shots for so long would just be tedious, especially in a movie about fighting. It would be like a version of Night of the Living Dead with all of the zombies cut out of it.

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