January 20, 2014: Crystal Lowe Turns 33 [PHOTOS]

We love a lot of Scream Queens here at COED, but we really love the ladies who hang around and keep working in all kinds of movies–like Crystal Lowe, who turns 33 as she matures from nude ingenue to lesbian sci-fi siren. Any fans of genre movies caught on to Crystal quickly, as she made her first appearance on an episode of Stargate SG-1, and then really caught guys’ attention with a bubble bath scene in Children of the Corn: Revelation. (You can tell from a lot of her credits that Crystal Lowe is Canadian-made.)
Crystal also stood out in lingerie with a great turn in the American Psycho knock-off Sanctimony, before finally making it to the American multiplexes in 2002’s Insomnia. Sadly, her big turn in that Christopher Nolan movie was as a nude corpse in the morgue. It was pretty exciting when Crystal showed up on The L Word later. Sadly, the producers didn’t realize they had a rising star, and she barely showed up as a cocktail waitress. She even got to wear a sexier outfit in another turn waiting tables in the comedy Going the Distance.
Then along came Final Destination 3, and Crystal Lowe became a big deal as the brunette who fries in a tanning booth. That landed her in Snakes on a Plane, and then Black Christmas–alongside Lacey Chabert and Michelle Trachtenberg. She’s been working steadily ever since. Of course, that includes the obligatory Syfy movie (Yeti, with Carly Pope) but don’t miss Crystal’s work in the really underrated Wrong Turn 2. She also returned to the multiplexes in Hot Tub Time Machine.
And now we have Crystal Lowe settling into more genre work on the sci-fi series Primeval: New World, where her character investigates time warps and has lesbian liaisons. There’s some debate over whether or not we’ll be seeing more of her in that Canadian production, but Crystal Lowe will definitely be around for a while–and here are some favorite pics and video stills to prove why low-budget Canadian productions need her…

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