LOOK WHAT HAPPENED: Justin Bieber May Love Sizzurp + more… [LINKS]

What were you doing passed out while big news was breaking about Justin Bieber‘s most recent police raid? Actually, you probably slept through the world getting weird enough that we’re used to Justin Bieber having plenty of police raids. Also, there’s the best play of a very busy weekend in football, and you were snoozing while others were debunking urban legends.
Or maybe you were just enjoying your weekend–but then how could you miss out on the rabbi who scored a TKO in the MMA? We know that it’s a three-day weekend, but let’s still start the morning with what we’ve missed…
• Colin Kaepernick doesn’t need two legs to throw a touchdown pass [THE HEAVY]
• Justin Bieber may be hitting the sizzurp [TMZ]
Dang, we hate to see urban legends debunked [HUFFINGTON POST]
• You’ll have to pry Cate Blanchett’s SAG Award from her cold dead hands [CRAVE]
• There’s a kick-ass rabbi in the MMA [FOX Sports]

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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Tarantino’s Near Retirement & More [Links]
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