"Rambo: The Video Game" Footage Opens Fire on the Internet [VIDEO]

The Rambo video game that you’ve been hoping to play since you were a little kid may finally be coming to a computer or console near you. Some new test footage of the game currently in development at Reef Entertainment shows what the final product might look like when it lets players become John Frickin’ Rambo.
According to Uproxx, the game won’t be the first person shooter that we all imagined it would be when word first got out that it was in development. It will still put players in Rambo’s very big shoes but it appears to be more of an old fashioned shooting game in which the character’s movements through each level are controlled by the game leaving the actual shooting and killing up to the player. That may sound a bit disappointing in this day and age when open world games allow you to go anywhere and do anything regardless of certain boundaries and traditional gaming limitations. However, it still lets you kick some terrorist ass the way that any Rambo game should (I’m looking at you, horrible NES Rambo game).
If anything, it feels like one of those old arcade shooters that gamers used to waste an endless stream of quarters on so they could spend just a few extra minutes blasting enemies away into the hereafter with bigger and badder weapons. Imagine having one of those games in your own home without having to blow thousands of dollars on one huge arcade game or lose a handful of friends who helped you move the damn thing into your place.

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