Ron Jeremy stars in a shot-for-shot recreation of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” music video. Yeah, that was the weekend’s biggest news. The mustachioed clown prince of adult entertainment and all-around (very round) hirsute “Hedgehog”—as Jeremy is affectionately nicknamed—mirrors Miley exactly, give or take 300 pounds. And that’s just counting his body hair. You can even watch a side-by-side comparison of the two videos here.
Just like Miley, Jeremy weeps and wails, he dons and doffs the tighty whitey ensemble, and he suggestively manipulates the sledgehammer both manually and orally. He also nakedly rides the titular object of destruction, although that last phrase could be easily applied to Ron’s day job, as well.
Throughout the action, Jeremy sings every word of Miley’s pop hit in his own voice, thereby recreating himself Hedgehog the Sonic. Listen, but not too loud: the soon-to-turn-60 Queens native croons with about the same amount of style and finesse as he applies to shaving his back.
Ron Jeremy and music videos have gone together for nearly as long as have Ron Jeremy and those other kind of videos. The multitalented manatee has appeared in clips for songs by Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock, Sublime, Moby, Everclear, Mercury Rev, Sam Kinison, and many more. Beavis and Butt-head even caught Ron in a video by the Meices. “Remember when we saw those naked movies at your uncle’s house?” exclaims Beavis. “That’s that guy that was in ’em, right there!
Portland-based filmmaker Nathan Coltrane shot the video at The Spot, as a means of introducing the world to the new production house and event space. And as we watch Ron Jeremy turned into a rotund human pendulum, we can all at least agree that The Spot sure has some ferociously strong support beams.

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