A Roman Catholic nun in Italy who didn’t know she was pregnant (as not pictured, dang it)  suddenly gave birth to a baby boy–and she’s named the child Francesco, after Pope Francis.
The 31-year-old member of the Little Disciples of Jesus order is originally from El Salvador, and some suspect the all-too-maculate conception occurred when she visited her home country last year. All the way up to the delivery room, the bride-of-Christ-turned-mom-to-be protested, “It’s not possible! I’m a nun!” With God, all things may be possible. With a horny dude, one thing is very definitely possible and its name is now Francesco.
Despite the incident’s many religious trappings, doctors have deduced that the pregnancy occurred in the standard style and that locals need not be awaiting the arrival of three wise men carrying two lame gifts. As the nun’s own Mother Superior, Sister Erminia, put it: “It seems she was not able to resist temptation.”
And with this rock star in the Vatican, who could blame her? Time magazine’s most recent Man of the Year has quickly established himself as the hippest pontiff ever, walking it like he talks it and picking up hitchhiker in the Popemobile when he does take the show on the road.
As further proof of the current papal awesomeness, consider Pope Francis’s unorthodox dedication to the poor (which takes the money from where his mouth is) and his “whatever” stance on gays. Then consider his history as Harley Davidson-riding bar bouncer and Lord of the Rings fan who loved to dance the tango with the girlfriend of his youth.
It’s no wonder nuns are getting knocked up and naming their babies after him. Wouldn’t you?

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