The Best of Sad Tom Brady Meme Photos [17 PICS]

So what does it mean for Tom Brady as his football season comes to an end with a loss to the Denver Broncos? Well, it means the New England Patriots quarterback has to go home to one of the incredibly spacious homes that he shares with Giselle Bundchen, where he can count his millions and plan for next year.

And yet the internet has no mercy or compassion for Tom Brady. Instead, the usual wisenheimers have started putting together GIFs like this…

Also, there are all kinds of really mean Tom Brady memes being put together at the expense of the tormented quarterback. We’re pretty much disgusted over that kind of thing, even if the guy did go and marry our girlfriend. So in the name of good sportsmanship, we’ve compiled all of the best worst of these mocking memes so that we can all appreciate how unfunny these kind of things can be.

There’s clearly no possible kind of entertainment value in mocking a millionaire who has a home with a moat, and who also has a tendency to wear a Tom Brady hat while sporting velvet jackets that his wife probably bought for him because she’s one of the few women in the world who makes more money in a year than he does. So join us in being outraged at just how inspired people can be at kicking Tom Brady when he’s down…


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