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Natasha Alam on NCIS: Los Angeles


If your humble See Her Tonight column was in charge of watching out for Los Angeles, the city would be a smoking crater by now. That’s all we can figure since we’re actually catching Natasha Alam in a rerun of what was originally the NCIS: Los Angeles season opener. This episode has the NCIS: LA team looking for some stolen nuclear weapons, but there’s a genuine sex bomb in the city with Natasha Alam in the cast. (In our defense, by the way, we’ve certainly caught NCIS guest stars like Stephanie Fantauzzi, Diane Yang, Claire Forlani, and Michelle Trachtenberg).

Anyway, we’re not sure how we missed out on Natasha the first time. The striking 5’10” Russian beauty is making a pretty memorable transition from statuesque model to leading lady. Actually, it’s kind of surprising that Natasha has been making acting appearances ever since 2002. Lots of guys discovered her in the usual expected environments of Nip/Tuck and Entourage. Natasha really dedicated herself to her new love of acting, though, and has spent the past few years showing off some serious skills.

A whole slew of younger guy went nuts for Natasha during her stint on True Blood, and it was also a pleasant surprise to find her showing up in the slasher films Big Bad Wolf and The Final. We’re also looking forward to seeing the maritime zombie film The Dead Sea this year. That one has really sat on the shelf–in fact, for so long that star Corey Haim has been dead for four years. (At least we can keep up with Natasha constantly via Twitter.)

So it’s kind of obvious that Natasha Alam is classier than most of her film projects lately. The bold brunette still gives her all to every role. And, as you can see from these pics, Natasha is just as dedicated as a model–so check out a gallery that’ll put a five-Alama in your pants…..

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