New "Raid 2" Trailer: Hammers, Hatchets, Action [VIDEO]

The makers of the first Raid movie are back with more epic martial arts action. The movie’s about to debut at the Sundance Film Festival, too, but you might not be able to make it out to that screening–so it’s a good thing that there’s also a new trailer.
The first Raid, of course, was about a cop fighting his way through a building that was full of criminals and double-crosses. Now we get Iko Uwais back as tough guy Rama–not having to go undercover to keep gangsters from going after him again. It may sound like just about every martial arts flick you’ve ever seen, but the trailer has everything you could hope for: hands flying so fast at enemy’s faces that your eyes can’t keep up with them, armies of bad guys trying to take down one guy, sickle fights, and a lady who can handle a mean hammer and hatchet.
Both films were directed by Gareth Evans, who’s becoming something of an action movie maven in film festival circuit. He not only directed both Raid movies, but he first made some big splashes as the director of the gripping indie sci-fi film Monsters. He’s also been tapped to direct the next big screen reboot of Godzilla starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. Hopefully, he can bring together his obvious talents showcased in both of his previous movies of creating high caliber science-fiction and action movies and use them to finally give Hollywood a Godzilla movie that it doesn’t want to bury in the back of its film archives.

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New releases: "Assassin's Creed Liberation HD," "Dr. Luigi," "NES Remix" [GAMES ROUNDUP]