Stuff The Intern Forgot: Netflix…The End Of Cable? + More [Links]

Could Netflix Be The End Of Cable Television?

Over the past 18 months, subcriptions to premium channels such as HBO and Showtime have declined by 6 percent, while online streaming services continue to grow. According to our good friends over at The Huffington Post, there isn’t any solid evidence that Netflix’s rise is directly responsible for cable’s decline, however it does seem likely.

Of course Netflix doesn’t have ALL of your favorite shows, but people who are dropping cable are also subscribing to other streaming platforms such as HBO Go. Last Thursday at a Buzzfeed event, HBO CEO Richard Plepler said that while he is aware that people are sharing their online streaming accounts, he isn’t concerned because he just sees it as creating more subscribers in the future. However, as for the aforementioned question, the answer is yes…streaming services could potentially be the end of cable television.

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