The 25 Best Baby Marker Shamings [PHOTOS]

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing children trying to be like the grown-ups. Like, you know, those grown-ups that act like children whenever a COED staffer overindulges himself at one of our office parties and then passed out before taking his shoes off and then wakes up to find himself covered in marker.

Actually, a COED staffer is pretty lucky to wake up with nothing worse than a face covered in graffiti. We have some real horror stories–and you can see even more with our look at Over 200 Grown-Up Drunken Shamings.

Anyway, the important thing is that we’ve always said that was childish behavior, and this gallery sure confirms that theory. You’re about to enjoy a massive gallery of cute little tykes who made the mistake of nodding off near (or maybe just playing with) a fellow child who had a marker and was ready to use it.

You’ll see that we’re living in a world where plenty of cute kids dream of becoming tattoo artists–and they’re ready to practice on any fellow children who dare to fall asleep in their presence. Or, like we said, maybe just volunteers to be the day’s drawing paper. Of course, the best part of these pictures is imagining the aftermath. We’re sure there have been plenty of parents who’ve been outraged at some kid’s attempt to improve the looks of some other child. Hey, kids are just wild creatures, right? And, besides, it’s not like tomorrow was Picture Day, right? Don’t tell us if tomorrow is Picture Day, because then we’ll just start laughing even more..

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