Yes, This R2-D2 On Meth Before-and-After Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

Let’s not judge R2-D2 too harshly, people. That last batch of Star Wars sequels would’ve driven anybody to a bad end. And how is the poor droid supposed to get through the next batch of movies? We say that everyone should cheer on the poor thing, and let’s just not mention how the former film star looks today.

Besides, there are even bigger things to worry about in this new batch of pics. We’re looking at baffling children’s books, baffling historical plaques, and a legendary muscleman reduced to nothingness by posing next to the wrong people. There’s also the worst airbag of all time, and a celebrity pic where it’s never been more obvious that somebody doesn’t belong. At least that muscleman is surrounded by fellow athletes.

We should probably also prepare you for a new twist in Polar Bear Club events, plus a horrifying look at pre-fab noodles, and a bathroom pic that cannot be unseen. But those are always some of the risks when you check out pics that, yes, truly happened…


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