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Amado Vargas–a 39-year-old San Francisco 49ers devotee who got razzed for being a “new” follower of the Super-Bowl-bound team–expressed his frustration by shooting his accusers. Then he got stabbed. That ought to show all those naysayers that Amado’s the real deal, right?
The incident occurred at a Fresno house party on Sunday night, following the 49ers’ playoff triumph over the Seattle Seahawks. About fifteen revelers, including Vargas and at least one pregnant woman, had gathered to watch the game.
Apparently in the chaotic bliss of victory, talk turned from variations on “Go team!” and “We’re number one!” and “Super Bowl, here we come!” to taunts of “Amado is just jumping on the bandwagon!” and “Amado is a fair weather fan, even if he’s suddenly waving a knife at us!�� and, ultimately, “Hey, did anyone see where Amado went?” The answer to that last question was: to the gun safe. Way to fumble a good time, everybody.
Vargas stormed back into the gathering and blasted a handgun in every direction. Two guests, aged 63 and 45, caught bullets in their legs, and they were treated for non-life-threatening wounds at a nearby hospital. Oddly, that’s also where the police turned up Vargas.
After escaping with family members in a getaway car, Vargas was patiently nursing a fresh stab wound in the waiting area of the hospital’s emergency room when the cops found him. Vargas wouldn’t say who knifed him, but what are the odds it was somebody he accused of being a bogus Denver Broncos booster?

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