Amazing Winter Storm Pics—-And More Morning Links…

So you went to sleep and thought the snow storm was over? And then woke up to even more amazing snow drifts blocking your door, and now you’re trapped inside? Well, that’ll teach you to go to bed–unless you’re a COED reader in Arizona or somewhere like that. If that’s the case, then you just went to sleep and missed out on things like homicidal practical jokes, amazing Olympics uniforms, bizarre comedy (alleged) offspring, and fashion innovations.
So wake up like the house is on fire and start getting to work learning about how the world kept spinning without you–and don’t forget that sleep is cheap…
• Here are the best/scariest/weirdest Winter Storm Janus pics [HEAVY]
• Norway wins the Totally Stylin’ Olympics Uniform Games [FOX Sports]
• Eddie Murphy has a stalker–or maybe a son–or maybe…well, lawyers are on it [TMZ]
Fashion fails–or maybe fashion genius, because there’s a fine line there [THE CHIVE]
Fake Russian hitmen make for great practical jokes [METRO UK]

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