Brooke Burke Went To The Gas Station [61 Photos]

Okay, we don’t really have 61 photos of Brooke Burke at the gas station–but after you see these pics, you’ll wish that we did. We also know that you can’t see Brooke doing something like this without wanting to see more of the lady. But do you want to hear something really sad? A lot of guys don’t even know about Brooke Burke. (You’ll recognize more names in our other collection of 55 Sexy Celebrities Pumping Gas.)

Yeah, it’s even sadder that we know that Brooke Burke is married to former Baywatch stud David Charvet. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But we’re still proud to say that we’ve been Brooke fans ever since she gave us a glimpse at the wild life on the E! Networks Wild On! show. She was also starting to work as an actress back then. It must’ve been way back then, because you’re looking at a 42-year-old woman here. Yeah.

Anyway, Brooke has really settled into being a television personality. She even won the Dancing With the Stars competition back in 2008. We don’t know how that didn’t launch her career to dizzying new heights. Brooke didn’t even go back to acting after that big win–sadly, concentrating instead on writing a book about motherhood. We keep up with all that via Brooke’s Twitter, but, yeah, you’re looking at a 42-year-old mother here.

Anyway, we would’ve gladly helped Brooke out at the pump, but we’re assuming that there’s a long line of guys just outside of the camera range here who had the same idea. Brooke doesn’t need help. In fact, she was out of commission for a while with thyroid cancer back in 2012.
Yeah, so you’re looking at a  42-year-old mother and cancer survivor here. Which some guys would consider to be a hat trick of unsexy, except that it’s obviously not. In fact, we’ve only recently included Brooke amongst the Sexiest Jewish Stars That We Can’t Passover, and celebrated Brooke as one of Hugh Hefner’s Sexiest Celebs of 2011. Now here are more hot pics that just prove Brooke is looking as good as ever…
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