Eight-year-old dance sensation Akshat Singh performed on India’s Got Talent–and the video of his amazing routine has deservedly gone viral. Check it out and start believing that a fat kid can boogie with the best of them.
Portly and powerful, Akshat arrives onstage clad in a military uniform while riding a toy motorcycle. In a flash, he ditches his hat and sunglasses, leaps to his feet, and proves to be unexpectedly acrobatic. Moving to the beat of a Bollywood-style anthem, the hefty little hoofer erupts into a fluid succession of splits, back-flips, headstands, and masterfully executed breakdance maneuvers. You won’t believe Akshat’s strength and agility—or how much he resembles your local UPS guy.
All the while, Asksaht flirtatiously plays up his third-grade masculine appeal to a sexy female judge. She catches every kiss he throws her way and she ends the bit by giving him a playful spanking. When we tell you this kid has moves, we don’t just mean in terms of choreography.
By the end, the crowd delivers a standing ovation. You’ll be right there with them.
A dance phenomenon since age five (check out the video below), Akshat Singh is humanity’s greatest twinkle-toed blubber-shaker since Chris Farley played a Chippendale in the famous SNL sketch. Pound for pound, Akshat may even equal John Belushi’s cartwheeling command of the stage in The Blues Brothers and he’s closing in on the corpulent grace of Fred “Rerun” Berry on the ’70s sitcom What’s Happenin’!!
Oh, and here’s a more mature kind of …Got Talent competition–that’s SFW, but still totally baffling…

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