"Dumb and Dumber To" Leaks Harry and Lloyd Pic + News

The Dumb and Dumber sequel has been one of those on-again, off-again movies for a long time now. The wheels finally started turning for the famed Farrelly Brothers last year, though, and Dumb and Dumber To is off and running. In fact, the Farrellys have released their first official still of returning stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels dumb-ing it up for the cameras. (No surprise that it’s one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014.)
Directors and screenwriters Bobby and Peter Farrelly released the shot on their Twitter page, with Harry and Lloyd sitting on some kind of bronze deer looking. They look about as smart as the last time we saw them back in 1994. Bobby Farrelly recently announced via a Reddit AMA that they just finished filming, while adding, “Don’t want to brag, but it could be the best movie of all time.”
He also said we should expect a teaser trailer sometime in the next six to eight weeks. He didn’t spill much in terms of the plot, but we know that it involved a needed kidney transplant. Bobby also hinted at interesting celebrity cameos, and maybe even the return of the sheepdog van from the first movie.
Bobby wasn’t the only person in the cast and crew trying to get the word out about the November release. The press spotted Carrey at a tribute concert for Ringo Starr organized by director David Lynch’s foundation. The comic crashed the red carpet while wearing a T-shirt mocked up with the cover of the famed Meet the Beatles album–with Harry and Lloyd’s faces replacing Paul McCartney and George Harrison. According to the Daily Mail, Starr may not have liked the shirt–but we did. Where can you buy one?

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