January 22, 2014: 43 Pics For Willa Ford's 33rd Birthday [PHOTOS]

Willa Ford is turning 33 years old today, and we’re hoping that she’s primed for a comeback–especially considering that she recently shelved an album called Sexy Sex Obsessive. We were kind of looking forward to the artwork on that one. Instead, we’ll just have to console ourselves with the cover of Taylor Momsen’s latest record.
Besides, Willa Ford has plenty of other ways to stay in the spotlight. She’s certainly been a versatile talent over the years that we’ve been leering at her. There wasn’t anything subtle about Willa when she first hit the scene as a would-be pop star back in 2001. That was when her first video proclaimed, “I Wanna Be Bad,” and Willa proved how good she was at being that way.
The album didn’t give her much staying power on the charts, but Willa made her acting debut the next year–and then surprised folks by using her big personality to host a reality series called The Ultimate Fighter. That really won her over with the regular guys. They followed her to the Lingerie Bowl, and then Willa built a manly fanbase with a turn on Dancing With the Stars. (She was eliminated in the same week where she tied for first place. That was nuts–but we keep watching for all of the show’s other sexiest stars.)
Willa then returned to acting–and with a splash, courtesy of the lead role in an Anna Nicole Smith biopic, followed by the 2009 Friday the 13th remake that featured Willa doing some topless skiing. Willa has kept working since then, although she’s been keeping quiet lately. That includes the canceled album and a 2013 without any acting jobs. Willa has two films coming up, though. We’ll be following her via Twitter, and hoping that this Ford will be back on the road–and you’ll be getting revved up just about now…
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