New "Maleficent" Trailer: Angelina Jolie Is Disney's Bad Girl [VIDEO]

Leading lady Angelina Jolie doesn’t get many opportunities to play the villain in a major motion picture. That’s because the villains aren’t usually the leading character and putting Jolie’s intrepid talent and hotness in a supporting role is like using the Venus de Milo to prop up a couch with a missing leg. Walt Disney Pictures, however, has come up with an interesting way to let Mrs. Brad Pitt to play the bad girl in a movie with their upcoming live-action film Maleficent.
Jolie plays the villain from Disney’s animated fairy tale classic Sleeping Beauty in a new backstory movie that aims to tell the full truth about how she became such an evil woman and what would make her want to place such a deadly curse on Princess Aurora played by Super 8’s Elle Fanning. It’s basically another one of those “story behind the story” movies that explains what made a bad person turn so bad in the original book or movie like Sam Raimi’s recent retelling of The Wizard of Oz with Oz The Great and Powerful and Pixar’s Monsters Inc. prequel Monsters University.
It also has an interesting chance to actually be awesome. One of the names under the screenwriting credit includes Paul Dini who gamers will recognize as the writer of many comic book based cartoons and the awesome Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games. And even if he’s not good enough to prevent such an idea from becoming a bad movie, you’ll still get to spend two glorious hours in a movie theater looking at Jolie’s curvy figure in a form fitting, black leather dress.

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