Yes, This Unfortunate Finger-in-the-Butt Photobomb Happened [PIC DUMP]

It seems that perspective really matters when it comes to photography–especially with people whipping out their cell phones to snap a quick pic without considering whether the resulting photo looks an awful lot like a guy moonlighting as an amateur proctologist. Or maybe this photo’s composition was actually very clever. We aren’t sure, but we can guarantee that yes, this photo happened.

And do you know what else happened? Check out this gallery for oddities like full-body shaving, the world’s most amazing Sunkist can, and a marked-up kiddie who escaped our recent collection of…um, marked-up kiddies. There’s also some gymnast gals and a the Naked Cowboy showing his dedication to his craft. No surprise that we have some snowy sarcasm on display, plus some signage that’ll make you think twice about your purchases. Hell, we’re even throwing in pics of some weird things to purchase.

Did we mention Snoop? We have Snoop–plus some other celebs, including one from your childhood who seems to have fallen on hard times. So start making your Thursday even more WTF than usual with this barrage of bold shots that’ll leave you wondering how, yes, they happened…


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