"Not Another Sundance Movie" Is Pretty Great As Another Parody [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spXU_kljHPE]
Not Another Sundance Movie isn’t the first parody of indie filmdom preciousness, but–unlike My Big Fat Independent Movie–the folks at TastesFunny didn’t bother making their bright idea into an actual movie. They just knocked out a fake trailer that’s a lot better than anyone should expect. We don’t even mind that the wiseguys invoke Michael Cera. They do it in the most perfect way possible of goofing on Michael Cera in 2014.
Besides, this is better stuff than the actual Sundance Festival has given us this year. We’ve been looking closely for the next hot sexy respected lesbian drama, but there doesn’t seem to be a Blue Is The Warmest Colour coming out of the line-up this year. The trailer also resists the urge to actually namedrop most of the directors that this parody really nails perfectly. If you know them, then this is even funnier. If you don’t–well, trust us, you’re a lucky guy.

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