The Cannibal Rats Ghost Ship Is Coming—-And Other Morning Links

We warned you not to go to sleep–and now you’re waking up to news of the cannibal rats coming to America on a ghost ship. We hope your pleasant dreams were worth the terrifying reality that you woke up to today. Yes, we know that it’s still not quite waking up to find that you’re still going to work at COED, but, still–cannibal rats are pretty bad, dude.
And what about those folks at NBC? They’re getting accused of defiling the Olympics in the name of mere ratings. Good thing those executives can cheer themselves up with new computer wallpapers and tales of seafood buffet disasters. You’re already up, so you might as well start catching up on the day…
Did the folks at NBC use Lolo Jones to turn the Olympics into a reality show? [FOX Sports]
• We’re serious about the Cannibal Rats Ghost Ship–or maybe it’s a Ghost Rat Cannibal Ship… [HEAVY]
Make life fabulous with…um, new wallpapers for your computer screen [THE CHIVE]
Yeah, we believe a guy swallowed a fishing line at a seafood buffet [METRO UK]
• Stuff you got for free as a kid that you’re paying for as an adult [UPROXX]

Watch MSNBC Interrupt A Congresswoman For Justin Bieber News [VIDEO]
Watch MSNBC Interrupt A Congresswoman For Justin Bieber News [VIDEO]
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