Watch MSNBC Interrupt A Congresswoman For Justin Bieber News [VIDEO]

We aren’t really singling out MSNBC for this, but the news network is sure getting a lot of ridicule for cutting away from an interview with California Democratic Representative Jane Harman to cover breaking news in the Justin Bieber arrest. It’s a particularly embarrassing incident because of MSNBC frequently trying to package itself as the thinking person’s news station. That’s as opposed to, say COED, where we’d really like for you to buy a ¬†fashionable “Frieber” t-shirt.
Also, that’s veteran newswoman Andrea Mitchell conducting the interview, and she’s supposed to be MSNBC’s grand old veteran who represents the network’s commitment to a legacy of hard news. Andrea Mitchell should’ve stormed off the set like Dan Rather once did when his CBS nightly newscast was once delayed for a tennis game. Instead, it seems that interrupting important news stories in favor of celebrity news is…well, just something that Andrea Mitchell has to accept in her golden years.

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