Extra Rare NES Cartridge is Being Sold on eBay to the Highest Bidder

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One of the world’s rarest Nintendo cartridges is on sale. It can be yours if you’re looking to complete your Nintendo Entertainment System collection and you’ve got enough expendable income to snag it.
According to CNET, someone on eBay is selling a Nintendo World Championship cartridge, a rare NES game that was made for global Nintendo tournaments during the system’s heyday in the late 80s and early 90s. The cartridge stores abridged versions of three of the system’s most popular games: Rad Racer, Tetris and (of course) Super Mario Bros. The goal was to complete a certain task or level in each game and the cartridge would tabulate a special score for each contestant in the tournament.
Of course, these cartridges were never sold or made available to the public except for a special gold plated cartridge, only 26 of which were given away as part of a special promotion in Nintendo Power Magazine. Occasionally, however, they pop up for sale from collectors and can fetch quite a handsome check for just a single cartridge. This one is being auctioned off at an opening bid of $5,000 and so far, it has amassed over $12,000 in bids.
It’s already on track to become one of the most expensive sales for a video game cartridge but it still has a little ways to go to top the most expensive video game sale record. The current record holder is a Bandai NES game called Stadium Events sold on eBay in 2010 for a whopping $41,300. Other big sales include $20,000 for a copy of the NES’ Campus Challenge 1991 cartridge, a game that was also used in national video game tournaments and $12,000 for a PowerFest 94 cartridge, the Super Nintendo version of the Nintendo World Championship cartridge.

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