SNL Highlight: Jonah Hill & Leonardo Di Capiro Peaked Early [VIDEO]

[protected-iframe id=”5e1d48d1eda0af4c77d1b4849d258c1e-3508545-34451079″ info=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″]
Maybe it was some kind of Oscar campaign strategy, but Saturday Night Live host Jonah Hill got together with Leonard Di Caprio to get the show peaking really early last night. The writers sure didn’t help. It’s always kind of painful when some audience members interrupt the monologue with allegedly funny questions. It was also kind of sad when Jonah had to preemptively identify the Brad Pitt impersonation.
And in an amazing twist, Leonard Di Caprio didn’t become the 1,043rd celebrity to interrupt a Saturday Night Live cast member in the midst of an impersonation of said celebrity. Instead, Leonardo interrupted Jonah after the host was kind of bad-mouthing Leonardo, and–yeah, everyone knew that was coming. Well, maybe it should have been a Leonardo Di Caprio impersonation, with the idea of keeping the show from peaking too early. But, too late…

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