10 Cartoon Heroes To Model Your Alpha Maleness After

Cinema has never been short on badass dudes who can stir up our aspirations. Maybe you admired the suave way that Sylvester Stallone navigated Hollywood’s treacherous ways in real life, or the way that Rambo slaughtered enemy upon enemy in the jungle with weapons that probably don’t even really exist. You might even be realistic enough to admire the men behind the likes of Stallone and, say, Schwarzenegger–meaning the guys who’ve actually jumped from high buildings and been tossed into the air after something’s blown up real good.
But there are some things that even Hollywood’s best stuntmen can’t pull off. What if you were captured by the Soviet Union in a purposefully ambiguous year in which the Soviet Union may or may not even be a nation anymore, before getting shot and then stepping on broken glass while barefoot and still escaping with your life? Or even more ridiculously, how about single-handedly defending your frail girlfriend from an impending attack on all angles of your small house by mean Native Americans, with nothing more to sustain you than canned spinach and pipe tobacco? (Man, cartoons used to be so racist.)
Yes, we’re talking cartoons here–but that’s where pen and ink get combined with manly imaginations to bring to life truly great characters. We’re talking about the most masculine, testosterone-fueled MF’ers this side of the galaxy.
Just consider this Top 10 of our favorite unbeatable and un-killable characters from the animated universe. They’re all fantasy figures that you can still use as role models for your own real-life alpha maleness. These are the prime influences for guys who aren’t afraid of optimum manliness and developing personas that will draw women in like Axe Body Spray. Check out all the animated manliness below…

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