Fashion Frames For Google Glasses, and More Morning Links…

So you thought that you could catch a quick 40 winks and wake up to the same world? Nope. While you were snoozing, the folks at Google were coming up with an amazing new scheme to get us all into Google Glasses. Nobody’s going to feel like a tech nerd if they have fashionable frames to mount their Google tech onto–and that’s why you’ve woken up to a world that’s more Googlier Glassier than ever.
Also in the world: The Bachelor went pop with a high concept that was actually kind of fun. The stars of the Miami Heat did karaoke for charity, and there’s a fun fan video out of Britain that salutes a fine UK pop song that you should already know. And if you don’t know it, there’s a subway stile in the right key for you to learn how to sing along. You’ve woken up to a weird morning, so start catching up…
• Google is going for Designer Google Glasses [HUFFINGTON POST]
• The gals of The Bachelor formed a (perfectly acceptable) K-Pop style music group [HEAVY]
• The Miami Heat stars take on karaoke and everyone wins  [FOX SPORTS]
Some assorted words of wisdom, because the internet is wise… [THE CHIVE]
There’s a UK subway (um, tube) turnstile that sounds a lot like Blur’s “Song 2” [METRO UK]

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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Broncos Player Might Walk Home & More [Links]