Woman Shaves Head, Gets Tattoo, Still Loses Super Bowl Contest [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZatuZ7RC-E]
McKenzie Jane Brown really got Super Bowl Fever when she heard that local radio station 98.3: The Key was giving away tickets to last week’s NFC title game against the 49ers. Not the Super Bowl. The title game. That, to be fair, the Seahawks would go on to win, and it would’ve been exciting to be there, but we’re still not sure if McKenzie Jane Brown did the right thing when she shaved her head and got a massive “12th Man” Seahawks tattoo on the side of her head to show that she’s the team’s biggest fan.
Especially since McKenzie didn’t win the contest. Yeah, she lost to some guy who made a Batman outfit with a Seattle Seahawks theme. Which sucks. And we say that as guys who don’t have a fetish for ladies with half-shaved heads and huge NFL tattoos. We just think that McKenzie has shown a little more dedication.

Anyway, don’t feel bad for McKenzie. She has a big idea to reach out to Ellen DeGeneres with an offer to shave the rest of her head (um, McKenzie’s head, that is) and put a big “Ellen” logo on the side. And all the talk show host has to do is hook McKenzie up with tickets to Sunday’s Super Bowl.
Yeah. The brightest thing about that idea is that Ellen is more likely to just find some Super Bowl tickets while pleading with McKenzie to not get another tattoo on her head. We’re not sure that’s going to happen, either–but now we’re officially cheering for Seattle to win the Super Bowl. McKenzie’s seen enough disappointment lately.

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